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North is recruiting!

November 27, 20122 Comments

North is a friendly and social guild on the EU wow realm Talnivarr. Our main goal is to help eachother out where needed. We also do loads of fun and nice runs in dungeons/boosts also Raids now and then, oldskool ones etc. We will only accept people who can be gentle. Names and ages must been given so they are being put in the guild notes. If you are looking for a nice guild who plays casual & enjoys to play this game together. Then North is the guild for you!

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Our new Forum online

November 24, 2012 0 Comments

Together with our new site, we also launched a new Forum, this medium is going to be used to discuss everything inside and outside the guild and game. It will be a way to recruit people but also place guides and helpfull stuff you want to share with your guildies. In the past we used the forum for these goals but relaunching our new site is also a good oppertunity to relaunch this medium. It would be nice if everyone inside the guild makes an account here to read the latest stuff all bout North and WoW. continue reading »

In the new MoP expansion we are welcomed with the new race Pandaren en the class Monk. Its an all-rounder with a total new style of gameplay. In this topic we discuss what you think about the new race and if the class suits the game. For information /talent builds etc. please continue reading on this page.

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One way to showoff in game is due to mounts, in World of Warcraft there are loads of different mounts, some even challenge themselfes to obtain as much as they can. These mounts can be obtained by farm reputation and/or items for them, but also by doing achievements or as a drop. We thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a page about these mounts with guides of how to obtain them and discuss anything related to these WoW mounts.

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